Astrix was created to pursue solutions for those real world problems that are often overlooked because they are too hard.

through research and experimentation we unlock novel solutions which we build into new startups within FINTECH & deeptech.

Solving real problems

We research bold new solutions to solve real world problems across FinTech & DeepTech

This requires bold new thinking to address a range of problems we encounter to build towards a compelling future.

Within each of these, we are leveraging advancements in AI & ML, Robotics, Automation, DeepTech to create a genuine impact. Our work often requires original research into deep topics and we collaborate with academia and other experts. Often it draws upon learnings seen in the world of FinTech or even EdTech as reference. It’s important to build rather than just complain. Only through scientific progress and innovation are we going to be able to create solutions that are also economically viable. That matters.

We run multiple research streams to explore ways in which these problems can be solved while being pragmatic. Many of these attempts fail, but a few have started to make a difference and we spin them out into independent startup companies.

We are a new type of venture foundry funded with our internal capital from our Founder which let’s us pursue bold ideas.

Ideas matter.
But it's execution you get points for.

It takes a lot to transform an idea from a concept into a company. That is difference between wishing for a problem to be solved, and actually solving that problem.

We know it's hard. We have failed more than we have succeeded. But when it has clicked and worked well, it's the most serene feeling of joy.

If you are an entrepreneur on this journey, think of us as that person cheering you on, even on the dark days. See you out there.

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